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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Networking in Digital World

1. Update your profile is the first step in marketing you and your business.

a. From the top toolbar, click Me.

b. Click View Profile.

c. From here you can take the time to edit your profile by adding education, experience, volunteer experience, and so much more. Click the pencil next to a section to edit, or click the more button (three dots) to access more features.

d. Make sure to save all changes.

2. Upload a Professional Photo. Make the first impression count, in about 6 seconds someone has crafted an opinion of you through your photo and your profile. You want your potential customers/connections to answer the following questions about you.

a. Are you trustworthy?

b. Are you someone I want to do business with?

c. Can I recommend you to my friends and clients/customers?

3. Create a standout Headline. Your headline is the important real estate that appears next to your name in search results. The wording of a headline may determine whether a new potential client searching through LinkedIn contacts you. Done well, your LinkedIn headline can be used to promote your brand statement, marketing message, most enticing expertise, and more.

a. This should not be your job title/description.

b. Why should people stop and take a closer look at you?

c. What impressions are you leaving behind?

d. What do you do?

e. Use keywords or core words. Make your headline fit with SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

f. Demonstrate real value to your potential clients, customers, etc.

4. Claim your LinkedIn Username: Personalize your LinkedIn URL, own your brand. You are the brand we are talking about, claim your URL, so that when someone searches for your name they will find your public LinkedIn page/profile. Visit your profile and select the edit public profile URL option.

5. Add Skills: When updating your skills section, make sure you use relevant updated keywords. For example, potential buyers/customers probably won’t be searching for “cold calling”, try to mirror your buyer’s skills/needs.

a. Use SEO keywords.

b. Add up to 50 skills to your profile.

c. The skills with the most endorsements from your connections will be listed first.

6. Endorsements: Skill endorsements are a wonderful way to recognize your 1st-degree connections’ skills and expertise with one click. They also let your connections validate the strengths found on your own profile. Skill endorsements are a simple and effective way of building your professional brand and engaging your network.

Earning More Money From Internet

Be patient and sign up with as many survey or market research companies as possible. This is not an instant money maker so do not quit you day job. Instead, have patience to wait for the good offers that you will receive over time. Eventually you may get invited to panel discussions that can pay quite well. Also, the amount you can make depends on your interests and spending habits. If you go to sites like Fiverr or Elance you will see a lot of general job listings related to online work that you could probably be able to do. Simply set your rate and bid for the jobs that you feel confident you could complete successfully. Some examples of jobs could include writing simple articles or creating and managing social media accounts.

Another option you can consider to making money online is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other people’s products for a commission. There are a lot of companies online that are willing to pay a commission from 5% to 75% for every sale you send to them. There are a number of affiliate networks out there like ClickBank and Maxbounty that offers various good quality products you can promote if you have a website or blog. If you do not have a website then do not worry as creating a website today is easier than ever and does not require any programming language knowledge. Simply register a domain name from a site like GoDaddy and then find a web host such as HostGator or BlueHost and use their tools to create a WordPress blog or site as these are easy to install and manage and do not require any coding knowledge. Take advantage of some of these tips to help you earn money online working from home.

Online Data Entry

One of the most important points to consider here is the person willing to offer data entry job online for free. Companies only outsource such jobs if they are not able to complete a big volume of paperwork on daily basis. Such companies always require individuals who can help them extract valuable information from their data base and file it. This is done with an aim to store data in electronic medium. Such companies will always offer you with genuine data entry job.

Such companies offer different types of jobs online.
Data mining
Data processing
Data extraction
Form processing
Image entry
Data conversion and much more!

There are different types of business companies that outsource such types of jobs.

Why to choose such jobs online?

These jobs can always be one of the best options for a number of reasons. You get to test all your level of accuracy, speed, logic and knowledge. The fact is that not many people are comfortable doing these jobs. If you are one who is comfortable with such jobs then you have many advantages.

Firstly people who can do data entry jobs are always in demand by these companies. Secondly, new jobs are mostly updated regularly. Then you also have the convenience to do the work from anywhere you like. You can always ensure that your schedule is very much flexible as long as you can meet the deadlines.

Origin of the Internet

That system was made by a lot of computers connected together, like a web.

That web was divided in LAN – Local Area Networks.

Those computers were able to communicate with each other even is some of them were out of service. From that time the Internet is by now world wide, or WWW – World Wide Web

The protocol that rules all these computers is TCP/IP:

TCP = Transmission Control Protocol

IP = Internet Protocol

The wonderful characteristic of this protocol is the way it deals with the information sent and received. The normal phone transmission works in this way:

From point A directly to point B, using cable or radio connection. So if something wrong happens to the radio transmitter or to the cable, the communication is impossible.

With the TCP/IP protocol, on the contrary, the connection from A to B is not direct.

The information (file) that we want to send is divided in several parts, packets, and each packet has a bit of the whole information.

Each packet has a header and a footer, where are store all the indication for delivery what is being sent (Address, sender, number of the packet).

These packets follow different paths of the net, passing through different computers, so even if some of them are not working, the file uses the ones which are working properly. The computers may be all over the world. After this trip the file is rebuilt in the right way.

For instance, if we send a file to a computer that is in a house close to our office, may be that before arriving to destination, it goes to Europe and back.

To try to understand just a bit this system, we can do this very simple example:

We want to send a letter to someone. Instead of sending just one sheet of paper, we could send 6 sheets. Each one contains 1/6 of the whole letter.

On the 6 envelopes we write the sender, the address of the receiving person and the number of the letter (Letter n. 1, letter n.2, and so on).

Then we can send all this letters, from several Post Office or from just one.