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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Create Engaging Sponsored Content

Ensure there is a bond between the photo and the text

You must have seen photos with accompanying content that do not much at all. For, example posting several pictures of a celebrity in different places such as in a beach, strolling in a farm and all of a sudden a product appears. It will not be astonishing to find the consumer moving to another site. The mind of the viewer had already been immersed in viewing the places the person has visited.

Consumers will be more interested in photos with products being used. Let us, for example, a TV photos should show the model seated in a living room watching a movie or any other program, or standing next to the television set with the brand name displayed on the screen. Clothes should be worn while food products should be on a table with a person seated next.

Use High-Quality Photos

Not every picture can feature in sponsored content. Poorly taken photos will only make your feed an eye sore. No one would want to have a second look at them. Use an HD camera to take the photos for clarity. Just compare a selfie taken with a tripod and another with an arm. Tripod will give a masterpiece.

Don’t plant Text on Photos

Avoid temptations of typing all over the picture. The appearance of the name of the product on large parts of the photo is detrimental. A mere caption is enough to draw the attention. Remember the photo is the main attraction, not the writings.

Online Reputation Management

In this modern world, you can find everyone online. Your current and potential customers all have social media accounts; your competitors in the industry have also established their brand in the online community with the use of company websites. In addition, you will scour forums to get positive reviews on the products and services you provide. In this regard, there is no way you can escape the power that the online community has. As well as how it has drastically, become the primary source of getting customers for many companies in the market.

Before a customer purchases a product, they first check reviews on the particular product, and three out of the four customers will choose the competitor’s product if they stumble on just one bad review. It is about seventy-five percent of new customers lost because of improper online reputation management.

Therefore, take control of your company’s brand, control how your prospective customers see your products and do not leave it in the hands of your competitors or the dissatisfied customers. The consequence will be seventy-five percent of your clients lost to your competitors in the market.

First, identify your reputation goals

To ensure proper Online Reputation Management has been achieved for your business, it is essential that you understand and determine your reputation goals. Having general goals will not work as proper understanding needs to be developed on the kind of image you will portray to your customers. It will assist in developing an adequate strategy to fit your business needs, additionally with a good plan in place it will easily influence your happy customers to share the experience they have had with your company.

Close monitoring of your image in the online community

Getting to know what the online community is saying about your product is the next step to take; it is to ensure you maintain a positive reputation in your online community. Pay very close attention to all the reviews that have been posted about the product and service you offer, this is on your company website or any consumer advocate sites.

Due to the growth of the online community, many consumer advocate sites have been developed where customers can air out their experiences on a particular product or service they received. It is imperative to monitor these sites effectively so that you are aware of what your reputation is in the online community.

Act on the Information gathered

Once you have correctly observed the information gathered, analyze it and determine the steps that you as a business should take. The reason for acting on the information gathered is to ensure customer loyalty. The reason being customers like feeling that their grievances have been heard, and the company is responding to their concerns. Some of the problems that you would identify are easily solved and could cost you very little money; however, acting on the information goes a long way to the image of your company in the online community.

Make Online Purchases Valuable

Always search your item thoroughly

Before you make a purchase, make sure that you get enough details about the product in question. Good shopping sites have lengthy product descriptions that come in handy in letting you know exactly what you are about to purchase. Compare your item from different sellers that could be available on the shopping site before making your final decision. As much as prices do matter, you should be more inclined towards the quality of the product so you do not end up paying too much than the real value of the item. If possible, take the time to check any item feedback that has been provided on the site to give you a hint of how good or bad it is before ordering it.

Check out the seller reputation

Some item buying and selling sites accommodate lots of sellers showcasing their products and hoping to make a sale. The site that you choose to use should make it possible for you to check the reputation of the seller, especially those who have sold items on the site before. Positive or negative ratings are helpful because you can use them to make a decision whether to buy from the seller. You can also know how to approach the seller so you do not end up getting frustrated by the purchase using such ratings. The more information you have on the seller the easier it should be for you to make the final decision with the item you are about to buy. If contact is provided and you feel you need more details on the item then do not hesitate to call the seller to make enquiries.

Private Cloud Server Business

While it is certainly possible for a company to maintain their own cloud storage, in many cases companies lack the resources to do so. They may also just prefer the added security of having a second, off-site location for data storage, particularly if the business providing the storage can add their own measure of data loss prevention.

The advantage to using an outside cloud storage service, then, is to both provide a complete backup of their data as well as alleviating the stress on in-house computer systems. It can also help to free up employee time better allocated to other purposes. Similarly, it just may not be a possibility in-house if there is no one on the staff who has the proper expertise to handle the task.

All of this naturally opens the door for a private cloud server business. For companies or individuals who can’t handle their own cloud storage needs, they will have to turn elsewhere. As a trained IT professional, this is where you can step in and provide this essential service, offering customers the ability to avoid the problems of data loss or data theft.

This need for off-site storage is what has led retail giants like Amazon and Google to offer their own cloud storage services. While there are many options for consumers to choose from, there is always the need for innovation and affordability. With an increase in data being produced, there is consequently an increased need for storage and the opportunities for an online business in this area are almost endless.

With the proper knowledge and training, you can situate yourself as a viable option for providing safe, reliable cloud storage. Acting as a bridge between companies and their data, you can help to keep their important information stored securely while remaining easily accessible to them at all times. These are the main qualities that most customers look for in cloud storage and you have the ability to make sure that they find them with you.

Don’t assume that cloud storage is beyond your scope. Consider the possibility of a private cloud server business and you could be opening the door to your own success. The path to your dreams just may be in the cloud.