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Internet Addiction Growing Problem

We can hardly get internet out of our head and after every meal, we will find ourselves on internet either on phone, laptop, tab, or PC. Instead of making long distant calls, we will chat on Skype or Viber via internet because they are free to use. As more digital tools get invented, we can hardly correct our addiction.

Is it something to worry about? Yes, certainly our family, friends, relatives and colleagues’ relationships get at stake. We no longer want to communicate with them or talk to them because internet is giving us so much fun and entertainment. As a result, when we need them in our dark hours or illness, we won’t find them available. We will in fact be the loneliest creatures on this earth. Will internet help us then? Circumstances can only tell.

Therefore, it is wise to be in control and disciplined. Too much of anything is not good and we shouldn’t cross our boundaries.

We shall stay on the internet for some of the time and also laugh and play with our children and family. We should also hang out with friends for real and have loads of fun. We should strike interesting conversations with our colleagues at work. Now that is called life. Life relying on only internet is no life at all. When we realize this, perhaps like alcoholics and workaholics, we can correct ourselves and find back the real mojo of life that we once had.

Tricks Use Internet To Leverage Income

The internet has in fact become a gigantic shopping mall, with unlimited income potential for those who manage to tap into that source.

Surprisingly, the number of people who have taken advantage of this modern age gold rush, has thus far remained relatively small.

Although the online publicity around the concept of making money online has increased tremendously, the number of people who actually decided to do it and succeeded in it, has remained relatively low.

This is mainly due to 2 reasons.

First of all, there is the fact that creating a truly successful internet business is not as easy as most ads make it seem, and it also takes much more time and effort than most people expect and are willing to invest in it.

This results in statistics which are, truth be told, more positive than those of real life businesses, but which also show that the number of really successful people is very limited.

The second reason is the overall negative attitude towards creating a business in general, and online businesses in particular. This is an attitude which has been created over the last 300 years, in order to support a corporate society.

It is the idea that any form of business is very risky, and requires high intelligence, extremely hard work and a strong dose of good luck. Any business model which dares to insinuate the contrary, is therefore considered impossible, or rooted in crime!

And yet, reality shows that even people with rather low intelligence can create a successful online business, without the need for extreme efforts.

Efforts must be made off course! No viable business can be created without a decent amount of efforts, and even an internet business requires some level of mental abilities.

There are many different ways to start a business online, but probably the most popular one is affiliate marketing. This is the promoting of products, for which you receive commissions when sales are made.

And although most people will need to master a series of new skills in order to make it a success, the vast majority of people does have the necessary mental abilities to achieve this.

What most of them do not have, is the necessary drive and will to do what it takes in order to achieve success!

This too, however, is something which can be learned and mastered.

The theory behind affiliate marketing may seem easy, but there’s a lot to be learned if you really want to be successful at it.

Digital Channel Strategy

You do not have a direction. Companies without a digital strategy do not have clear or definite strategic goals for what they want to achieve online when it comes to building deeper relationships with existing ones or gaining new customers. Most like, you won’t put enough resources to reach the goals if you do not have definite goals. Also, you cannot evaluate what you want to achieve through analytics if you are directionless.

You will not know your online market share. If you have not researched your market share, customer demand for online services might be underestimated. Most importantly, you will not understand your online marketplace. Be aware that this platform is very different from the traditional channels when it comes to competitors, propositions, types of customers, and options for marketing communications.

You do not have a commanding online value proposition. Bear in mind that a clearly defined online customer value proposition will help you in terms of differentiating your online service. In turn, this will encourage both current and new customers to engage initially, and most importantly, stay loyal.

Competitors will gain market share. If will not spend some of your resources to digital marketing or perhaps make use of an ad-hoc approach without clearly defined strategies, your competitors surely will eat you. You will definitely stay behind. Of course, you would not want this.

You do not know your online clients well enough. It is often said that digital is the most measurable medium. However, business experts say that you need to use other forms of tools so you can successfully identify your weak points. And after knowing them, be sure to address them instantly.

Make More Income on Internet

If you do not have any products or services of your own then it is still possible to earn income online as you can promote other people’s products through affiliate marketing. This can be a great way for the average person to get started as it is quick and does not require much money to get started. The first step is to pick a good affiliate product to promote, there are many good affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, ClickBank, Linkshare to name a few. The next step would be to decide on traffic sources that you can send targeted traffic to your affiliate pages. It is important to find a way to collect email addresses also from visitors as this will allow you to follow up with them over time and increase your return on investment.

You should consider using an auto responder service to generate an opt in list as these leads can be valuable in the long term for following up and offering other similar products. A key tip to keep in mind when choosing a product is to make sure that you believe in the product and that it is either something you are using or would consider using in the future. Keep in mind that selling is a transference of feelings so if you believe in the products and services then it will be reflected in the sales and marketing messages. In order to collect leads you will need to create a landing page with the opt in form. Be sure to split test multiple landing pages in your advertising campaigns and track your opt in rates closely. There are many good link tracking software programs out there so pick one that is in your price range and use it to track your campaigns closely. Use some of these tips to help you become more successful at making money online.

Getting Started With Internet Publishing Business

1. Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown is often a good thing. It can alert you to potential danger, keep you out of trouble, and sometimes save your life. But fear of the unknown can also paralyse you into inaction. In the case of creating an eBay auction listing, or launching a new internet project, fear of the unknown should only come into play if there is a high degree of monetary or legal risks with the project.

If there are legal risks or any question about the legality of the project, either consult a legal professional or choose another project. If there are monetary risks like high startup or high development costs, drop the project, especially if it is your first project.

If the fear of the unknown is simply a matter of not knowing how to start a web site, or not knowing how to create a sales page, or not knowing how to accept orders or deliver products, then don’t worry. Doing those things can be easy. Just break each unknown into a single step, and search for articles, how to videos, or discussion forum advice on how to get it done. Then do it!

When you realise that millions of people are creating web sites, developing web pages, and placing products for sale on the web, you start to understand that it can’t be that difficult. Just start with a small project with little or no startup costs, where you are selling something completely legal, and build a web site to sell it from. You can definitely do that.

2. Fear of Failure

Another major fear when it comes to launching a new project is fear of failure. You worry about failing, or forgetting to do something important, or looking like a beginner or a fool. And you know what? It won’t matter.

On your first project you probably won’t succeed. Things won’t go as planned, parts of it will look like you are a beginner. And it really won’t matter, because almost no one has a major success (or even makes a profit) on their first project. So failing with your first project is almost a guarantee, but it won’t matter as long as you haven’t invested much money or taken legal risks in getting the project off the ground.

Even if you ‘fail’ on your first project, you actually succeed. Because by just doing the project, you will have gained a lot of experience and knowledge which will make failure less likely on future projects.

So don’t fear failure. Expect it.

3. Fear of Success

Surprisingly, some people fear success more than they fear failure. They worry that when they launch their first project and thousands of orders flood in they won’t be able to handle it. They worry they won’t have enough inventory to fill orders, or won’t know how to package and ship the products, won’t know how to track customers, and won’t be able to deal with all the success.

Problem is, worrying about all this is like expecting to win the lottery with the first ticket you buy. Your chances of having an overwhelming success with your first project are almost zero (see fear of failure above).

And should you somehow come up with a real winner, and should you be overwhelmed with orders, you can resolve those problems with a part time member of staff and a call to your printer or disk duplicator.

Don’t fear success. Success is good. Too many orders is a nice problem to have.

But rarely does it happen like in the movies. In the real world, success usually means a steady trickle of orders. Not an avalanche.

Practice Guide for URLs

  • The most important advice from Google is to keep your URL structure simple and readable. The URL should include sentences and words that are logical and readable for human beings rather than confusing numbers and letters. This helps in a URL being remembered easily in case one needs to type it or refer offline.
  • It is advisable to make your URL in lower case letters. If you have a UR in capital letters, convert them into lower cases, an exception being when you have different pages of the same name.
  • To increase readability of URLs, use punctuation marks such as hyphens instead of using underscores.
  • Until a URL makes sense to the human brain, it can continue to have stop words such as a, an etc.
  • A good SEO practice is to ensure that the keywords for the page are near the front of the URL. However, it still needs to be readable and not just stuffed keywords.
  • It is not necessary to match your headline with that of the URL. In fact, varying the headline from the URL gives it a chance to be more concise.
  • It is better to use a single domain or a subdomain. The chances of a blog performing better if it is altogether on a root or one subdomain. The Rankings of such blog are also suggested to go higher.
  • It is a good practice to use verb stem in URLs. For instance, instead of using the term ‘smearing’, the term ‘smear’ should be used.
  • Avoid using overly complex URLs with multiple parameters. This can cause an issue with Googlebot since there will be too many URLs with similar content.

Internet Home Business Opportunity

1.) Choose a topic. This can be quite challenging because there are so many topics to write about. You have to choose topics within your field of knowledge. One that will make writing easy and more convenient.

2.) Create an Outline. This is a bullet form or list of all the major topics and subtopics of your book. Fill it out.

3.) Start Writing. Write as much as you can. You must jot down all the information you have gathered. The things that are important and essential should be first.

4.) Edit your work. Before you edit, let your piece rest for a while. Leave it there for maybe one or two days so you will have another look at it when you come back later. Edit carefully. Be keen. Watch out for all the grammatical errors. There will be changes and improvements to be made. Remember to carefully read your work sentence by sentence.

5.) Make a Title: Your title will say everything about your book. This should be written in a concise, brief but precise manner. A title serves as your readers’ basic drawcard. So make it work.

6.) Create your cover and design. The first impression will be based here so make it simple but eye-catching.

7.) Publish your book. How do you publish? There are sites which offer publishing. You can either choose a publisher or self-publish your book. The majority of authors choose to self-publish their book for convenience. Self-publishing is also hassle-free and much faster.

Start Making Money On Internet

One of the easiest ways to start making money on the internet is through outsourcing and you can do this by serving as a handler for businesses. A whole lot of online companies require manual expertise and employees to operate properly. People can hire qualified staff for their companies through the internet. There are lot of jobs that can be done over the internet and such job opportunities are open to qualified persons from any part of the world. Online job opportunities are possible considering the level of access and communication that can be established through the internet. People can serve as a middle man or a handler that allows them to earn money online easily.

Another way to start making money on the internet is by outsourcing resources and products to other countries that lack them. A good example will be the export of minerals and valuable resources from underdeveloped countries. You can always sell these products and resources through the web. The products can be sent through different international courier services that can handle large deliveries all over the world. You can start earning thousands of dollars through this type of business.

Are you a newbie looking for ways to start making money on the internet? Follow the above ideas and you will start getting results within a short frame of time.

Apart from outsourcing, there are still many other ways that anyone can start making money online from anywhere they are. Blogging and affiliate marketing are some other good options that you can also consider but I will talk about that in another article. It’s important that you always stay alert so as to take advantage of any available opportunity. Running a successful online money making business can help you to achieve the success you need in life.

Create Good Website Content

Stay Updated

You may think that you know your niche but things change over time as technology improves and styles change. Keep up to date in your industry so that you’re ready for changes that may occur.

Keep An Eye On Your Competition

Join your competitor’s mailing lists, and look at the content they’re sending out. Can you identify if it’s working well for them or not? How can you do it better?

Know the Buying Process

There’s a set buying process that your audience will go through, even if they don’t realize it. It’s important to recognize where people are in the buying process. Generally it’s a five stage process:

  1. Awareness
  2. Information Search
  3. Evaluation
  4. Decision
  5. Purchase

Plus, after purchase your customer will decide if they will buy from you again.

Improve Your Strategy

Take the time to work on improving your strategy to make it work better. Base this on the information and facts you have about your customers, your niche, your products and your customer’s buying process.

Be Consistent

To ensure that the content on your website will get results, it’s important to post content on a consistent basis.

Promote Your Content

If you don’t let people know that your content is out there, you’ll get a lot less positive results from it. Post it to your social media sites and email it out to your subscriber list. You can even promote it via pay-per-click ads.

Digital Publishing Platforms

e giants of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are becoming more active than ever and sharing news on their platform to keep their audience hooked. For that matter, even Snapchat – which is famous among the teenagers, introduced a new initiative called Discover. The aim of this feature is to get a platform for big companies like CNN, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan and others to get their content among the youth all around the world who are more interested in short videos and infographics than reading bulky content on the Web, daily.

With digital publishing gaining popularity, these News Publishing companies even get to put up their own ads and keep all the revenues for themselves.

Even Apple has made all the efforts to stay ahead in this long drawn battle to conquer the news content via digital publishing. The conventional news app – Newsstand has been replaced by Apple News which is both stylish and user friendly. Its interface is customized for Apple users and the flipboard-esque style is impressing readers all around the world.

After seeing a slight decline in its growth figures last year, Twitter was quick to buckle up and it launched its new feature Moments. The aim of this is to curate and bring all the important news around the world at one place right from the sports, entertainment to breaking news.

With more people being glued to their phone all day long, it won’t come as a surprise to say that most of the digital content that publishers are aiming to produce is mobile-centric. Researches have already stated that around 39 of the 50 digital news website had faced more traffic on their mobile websites rather than their desktop websites.

The example of the top digital news website which saw more mobile traffic includes the Huffington Post, USA Today, and New York Times. Right from the Paris attacks to the recent Orlando shooting to the yesterday’s breaking event of Brexit, people are following everything on their mobile and not their desktop. So, not only has digital news publishing become important, they are growing through mobile apps.