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Features of Green Data Centers

To achieve these goals of maximizing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption, many green centers have modified their electrical and mechanical systems. The techniques by which these modifications are done, however, depend entirely on the data center and their individual approach to their eco-friendly efforts.

Some data center locations use recycled infrastructure to achieve their goals, making sure that the very basis of their operation is carried out in a sustainable manner. Others might choose to use low emission materials in their infrastructures in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

In other cases, the way electricity is sourced is a major way that these green facilities reduce their negative impact on the world around them. One way to do this is by installing solar, wind or hydroelectric farms, to take advantage of natural and renewable sources instead of environmentally destructive alternatives.

Some data center locations in the US have even gone so far as to install entire solar farms, solely for the purpose of powering their equipment on site and providing a service that is both sustainable and reliable for clients.

Some centers also choose to implement systems in the facilities that mean they get the maximum out of the power that they use. This can include installing scalable systems to use only the exact amount of energy capacity needed for a particular function. This is not only eco-friendly, but can also result in cost savings that are then passed on to the client.

Optimizing mechanical systems and machines so that they run more efficiently is another way that these types of facilities create a more eco-conscious and sustainable working environment; with more efficient machines, less energy is used, meaning resources stretch further and savings are made for the consumer of the services that the facility offers.

There are also steps that are put in place that affect the everyday working environment of data center locations and colocation facilities, including installing correct waste collection and sorting facilities, with the recycling of obsolete equipment. Many centers put these systems in place in order to produce less waste than conventional facilities do.

They may also try to use as much natural light in their facilities as possible, avoiding the use of electric lighting as much as can be reasonably expected. Another additional modification to the structure of the building is the installation of a synthetic white material on the roof of the premises to efficiently reflect external heat.

There are many features that green data center locations have that help them minimize their use of power, use only renewable power, and optimize work processes so that waste is disposed of and recycled responsibly. There are many facilities like this throughout the United States, with many states offering tax incentives for these environmentally friendly initiatives.