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Networking in Digital World

1. Update your profile is the first step in marketing you and your business.

a. From the top toolbar, click Me.

b. Click View Profile.

c. From here you can take the time to edit your profile by adding education, experience, volunteer experience, and so much more. Click the pencil next to a section to edit, or click the more button (three dots) to access more features.

d. Make sure to save all changes.

2. Upload a Professional Photo. Make the first impression count, in about 6 seconds someone has crafted an opinion of you through your photo and your profile. You want your potential customers/connections to answer the following questions about you.

a. Are you trustworthy?

b. Are you someone I want to do business with?

c. Can I recommend you to my friends and clients/customers?

3. Create a standout Headline. Your headline is the important real estate that appears next to your name in search results. The wording of a headline may determine whether a new potential client searching through LinkedIn contacts you. Done well, your LinkedIn headline can be used to promote your brand statement, marketing message, most enticing expertise, and more.

a. This should not be your job title/description.

b. Why should people stop and take a closer look at you?

c. What impressions are you leaving behind?

d. What do you do?

e. Use keywords or core words. Make your headline fit with SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

f. Demonstrate real value to your potential clients, customers, etc.

4. Claim your LinkedIn Username: Personalize your LinkedIn URL, own your brand. You are the brand we are talking about, claim your URL, so that when someone searches for your name they will find your public LinkedIn page/profile. Visit your profile and select the edit public profile URL option.

5. Add Skills: When updating your skills section, make sure you use relevant updated keywords. For example, potential buyers/customers probably won’t be searching for “cold calling”, try to mirror your buyer’s skills/needs.

a. Use SEO keywords.

b. Add up to 50 skills to your profile.

c. The skills with the most endorsements from your connections will be listed first.

6. Endorsements: Skill endorsements are a wonderful way to recognize your 1st-degree connections’ skills and expertise with one click. They also let your connections validate the strengths found on your own profile. Skill endorsements are a simple and effective way of building your professional brand and engaging your network.